“Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold to eternal life, where unto thou are also called, and has professed a good profession before many witnesses.” I Timothy 6:12.
The Speak the Truth Fellowship Service is the vision of Apostle Christine Morris.  It is our mission to Help Build Up, Strengthen, Encourage and Support Pastors with their church visions as they labor in the vineyard.
We meet at the church for whom we are raising funds for.  The services are held every second Saturday of the month.  We ask each participating member to contribute at least $60 to the offering that is being raised for the church with whom we fellowship.  All monies are turned over to this church.  The organization takes nothing.
Each participating member is not bound to make every service.  We understand as pastors that you have obligations.  However, if you are unable to attend a service, please continue to show your support by sending your contribution by a representative.
Two offerings will be received at each Fellowship service.  An offering for the church for whom we are fellowshipping with and another for the speaker.  Each Pastor is responsible for their program, we ask that you prayerfully select program officiates that can flow in the Spirit of God.  We want to encourage, inspire and motivate the people of God.
Scheduled meetings will be organized for all members that information can be shared to help one another.  Notification will be mailed to you.
As a member, we ask that you would receive an offering on each 5th Sunday for the organization.  This money will go toward an event to be held at the end of the year of our Fellowship services for all members (December).
These Fellowship Services are to build up one another in the work of the Lord and give us the opportunity to share our dreams with each other and to become one.  St. John 17:21; St John 13:35.  It’s a Great Privilege, Love, Peace, and Joy to be able to work with these Pastors.  They are God’s Shepherds.  We are also workers, God’s Builders 1 Corin. 3:9. Pastors…there is much to be done.  Just as a woman who is getting ready to deliver her unborn child, so are we getting ready to see the Glory of our God manifesting in each Pastor.  Work as never before.
Welcome to
The First Pentecostal Church Of God
Speak the Truth Fellowship Ministry
Apostle Dr. Christine Morris
President & Overseer
Dr. Bernice Williams
First Pentecostal Church of God, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois

Pastor Joseph & Anna Kyles
New Holy Ghost Tabernacle COGIC
Chicago, Illinois

Pastor Antonio Rocquemore
Powerhouse International Ministries, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois

Pastor Mary Young
New Mt. Zion Church
Boilingbrook, Illinois

Pastor Bruce Paige
Redemption M.B. Church
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Apostle Vee Robinson
Anointed House of Prayer
Gary, Indiana

Pastor Dorma Jean Lawson
Taking A Second Stand Outreach Deliverance Ministry
Country Club Hills, Illinois

Pastor Lydia Thomas
End Time Ministries
Chicago, Illinois

Pastor Earl Davis & Mother Bobbie Williams
New Way of Life Outreach Ministry
Chicago, Illinois

Pastor Steve Yager
Straight Talk Ministries, Inc.
Memphis, Tennessee

 Apostle Mazine Williams
Christian Unity Pentecostal Mission
Chicago, Illinois

Pastor Louis Jackson
New Life Non-Denominational Ministries, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois

Pastor Carey Gidron
Believers Time International
Chicago, Illinois

Pastor Robert Williams
Empowering Word Ministries
Evanston, Illinois

Pastor Lula Jackson
Chains are Broken Ministries
Chicago, Illinois

Bishop Eric P. Davis
Bibleway Living Word Ministries
Chicago, Illinois

Bishop Beado Harris
Country Club Hills, Illinois

 Apostle Dr. Christine Morris - President & Overseer
Pastor Dr. Bernice Williams - Assistant to the Apostle
Pastor Carey Gidron - Fellowship Coordinator
Pastor Joseph Kyles - Fellowship Assistant Coordinator
Evangelist Marilyn Vaxter - Executive Secretary to Apostle Morris